Digital Swimming Analysis

Benefits of Race Trace 


analysis of your technique in any pool, at any time and even in  open water

Make improvements tailored to you

A smarter way to train and reach and  your goals 

What is Race Trace?

Race Trace is a digital coaching tool that uses wireless wearable sensors to analyse the movement of the body.  Race Trace is the world's first 3D analysis system designed for swimming and makes laboratory grade insight available to anyone.

Bespoke Analysis and 3D Motion Capture

For elite level swimmers and their coaches we can offer a bespoke stroke analysis and motion capture service. 

We are also developing Race Trace for other sports and applications in healthcare, industry and gaming. Please get in touch to discuss the use of Race Trace for a bespoke application.

How does Race Trace Work?

Wearable Sensors

  • Supplied by Finnish Instrument manufacturer Suunto.

  • Diameter: 37mm, Thickness: 8mm, Weight: 10g.

  • Rugged design, waterproof to 30m.

  • 9-axis motion sensor: 3 x accelerometer, 3 x gyroscope, 3 x magnetometer.

  • In-built memory for logging data.

  • Sample frequencies up to 104Hz.

  • Powered by replaceable coin cell battery.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy connection to smartphone application for set up and data download.

  • Comfortable and secure strap and sleeve attachments.

  • Multiple sensor connection and time synchronisation.

Data Analytics and Visualisation

  • Flexible set up: wear sensors on different parts of the body depending on the part of the stroke you want to analyse.

  • World leading sensor fusion algorithms more commonly found in unmanned vehicle guidance systems.

  • Accurate timing synchronisation across multiple sensors.

  • Secure Data storage on the Cloud.

  • Motion Capture visualisation using state of the art software.

  • Specially developed visualisation graphics.

Our Story
We believe that everyone should have access to the best possible coaching whenever and wherever they train. 
Race Trace was founded in 2017 by Richard Tucker, an open water swimmer, triathlete and former commander in the British Army and UK Special Forces. Prior to his career in the military Richard was an engineer, where he developed new jet engines for Rolls-Royce. Richard founded Race Trace based on a passion for an active lifestyle and a desire to help people get more from the extraordinary health benefits of swimming. With a young family and often unpredictable career in the Army, Richard found it hard to train regularly with a coach and therefore sought to develop technological solutions to help improve his performance.
We know that training time is precious so we believe that you should make the most of every stroke.

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