What is Race Trace?

Race Trace is a digital coaching tool that uses wireless wearable sensors to analyse the movement of the body.  Race Trace is the first 3D motion capture system designed for swimming and makes laboratory grade analysis available to anyone.

What are the advantages of Race Trace?

Race Trace uses highly accurate inertial measurement sensors more usually found in the guidance systems of drones and autonomous vehicles. The visualisation animations can be viewed from any angle and provide an unrivalled insight of your swim stroke. 

Unlike video analysis Race Trace can be used in public pools and can be easily integrated into a normal training session. 

Who is Race Trace for?

At the moment Race Trace is designed for front crawl swimming (freestyle), the fastest and most common stroke. In the future we will expand to include all strokes as well as turns and starts.

Race Trace can help swimmers and coaches of all abilities. It can motivate people to get more active, help those looking to compete in their first triathlon or support elite athletes looking for a marginal gain. 

How can Race Trace help me?

Race Trace measures the most important aspects of the front crawl stroke and is aligned with recognised coaching hierarchies.

The simple analytics and visualisations provide insight into your stroke previously unachievable outside the laboratory. From this insight a training plan can be tailored to your individual needs and goals.

When is Race Trace available to buy?

In late summer 2018 we will be testing Race Trace with a number of specially selected coaches and swimmers.

If you are interested in a trialling Race Trace then please get in touch.



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